Mobile Point-Of-Sale system: Benefits for Retailers and Customers

 Gone are the days of the invaluable cash registers in retail settings. Antiquated cash registers are now replaced with the technological advancement of POS system that has a lot of advantages including sales reporting, customer management, inventory management, and even employee management that will you help grow your business with ease. Notwithstanding the benefits of having POS system, small business owners are opting for something more portable: smartphones, tablets and other mobile terminals, with point-of-sale apps. Making it easier than ever to swipe a credit card and add tip, POS apps are paving the way for smooth payment transaction via smartphone apps like Google Wallet and ApplePay. Read  more Shopify app

Nowadays, the rise of big data analytics, rapid proliferation of mobile devices, heavy cloud usage, and the increase of robust reliable network connections have changed the way all businesses and consumers operate. On top of that, customers are clamoring for immediate access to the products and services they desire to purchase, but they also crave flexibility when it comes to actually paying for these purchases.

Because of these new demands, mobile point-of-sale systems, commonly known as mPOS, has emerged in the business industry. These new mPOS systems functions the same with the traditional POS system but with additional features that will help improve customer experience and maximize business management over the entire operation. This includes customer’s easy access in retail setting, provide security against fraud schemes, as well as inventory management.

Customers have access to smart devices on hand

As time passes by, majority of the population which includes retail customers has now access with their own smart devices, whether they be phones, tablets or wearable technology. More and more enterprises are striving to allow customers easy access on the their mobile devices in a retail setting. With new e-wallet technologies it is possible for customers to use a sensor on their mobile devices to make a transaction through a mobile app that features the corresponding sensor in an mPOS system.

With the help of mPOS systems, it can run the transactions through a lightweight device connected to a handy smartphone or tablet, which, in the long run, is much more inexpensive and accessible than regular POS terminal. These systems also enable sales associates to conduct transactions from anywhere on the service floor which means a greater potential to make more sales.

Security and compliance

As POS-related card fraud schemes is rampant and garnering more negative attention than ever before, most credit and debit cards are now embedded with EMV standard-based chips that are designed to make transactions more secure and traceable. Modern mPOS systems feature EMV technology to provide security against potential fraud schemes.

Inventory management and online shopping

Internet has revolutionized the way people shop. With the help of smart devices, more and more people opt to shop online because of its convenience and security purposes. But even if customers are actually in the store, customers are still dependent to their smart devices to conduct price comparisons or seek out additional options that are not on the floor. This is because mPOS systems can connect with any stocks inventory and pricing management systems so customers know the product’s availability and its corresponding price.

As digital disruption continues to upend retail and global consumers are more empowered than ever.With the advent of cloud, proliferation of powerful mobile devices and new levels of online access, customers also want more flexibility and instant gratification in the overall retail experience. It is only with solid mPOS system, that retailers can meet these new demands while streamlining the entire operation.


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