New Point of Sale System for Growing Fastfood Specialist

People flock to fast food outlets to get, well, fast food. They are on the go or hungry enough that they don’t have the time to wait for the chef to whip up a fancy dish. On the other hand, they may only want to have a chit chat with a friend or loved one and only needs a light meal.

Whatever the reason is, customers expect that a fast food service is fast—from the food down to the service. And what’s even better is for a fast food outlet to have a reliable Point of Sale system to provide a seamless transaction for the fast food lover? Sell your products  click here

There are POS systems specifically designed to be used by a certain industry, food service industry for example. These POS systems are further categorized as those which will work best for restaurants, fast food, food trucks, bars, and others.

What makes a fast food POS system different from the others?

Fast food customers often pay in cash than a credit card that’s why a fast food POS system has a cash drawer attached to it. Also, orders are already reflected on a screen or a monitor as soon as the customer mentioned it so that they can easily see what they have ordered and how much it costs. Sometimes, fast food customers don’t even bother to see the receipt since their orders are already visible at the counter.

Let’s have a look at the current players in the field of fast food POS systems.

PAR Technology, Inc., is among the pioneers in this niche of fast food POS system, taking into consideration the uniqueness of a fast food transaction. It successfully developed the first stand-alone POS terminal for McDonalds way back in 1978 and is alive and kicking up until today. Currently, they were able to integrate online and mobile ordering within their POS system, as well as digital loyalty management and a variety of payment options.

ShopKeep is another POS system that works well with the fast culture of a fast food restaurant. Its turbo speed hardware can send orders directly to the kitchen. Aside from a very fast and efficient transaction, ShopKeep also helps a store maintain a relationship with its loyal customers through a reward system already built in within the system.

Brilliant POS boasts of a full touchscreen solution which also allows customizable menu. Fastfood staff can easily access its menu of combos, value meals, daily specials, and a lot more to make each transaction fast and accurate at the same time.

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