Oracle MICROS Data Breach Compromises Restaurants’ Point-of-Sale Systems

Automated process is convenient and heaven sent, except from some instances that poses risks to those who uses it. Shopping with a credit card is a real time saver. One does not need to go to a bank or to locate an ATM to withdraw. A customer only has to present his card to the cashier, let it be swiped into a terminal, wait for the receipt to come out, sign it, then, voila! Buy & Sell products POS

Though buying with a credit card is among the widely used payment system nowadays, it imposes a threat to those who are using it. Hackers can steal credit card information, manufacture a counterfeit card together with the stolen information, and use it to transact without the knowledge of the original owner of the card. When the credit card bill comes a month after, the owner will be greeted with a huge amount of loans and purchases under his name which he never really made, in the first place. Online

The recent data breach affecting users of MICROS Point-of-Sale (POS) System have triggered credit card company Visa to issue an alert to its customer to explain the kind of malware that attacked Oracle and its customers. Apparently, the attackers targeted the customer support portal of businesses which uses the Oracle MICROS POS systems. These businesses are mainly composed of restaurants from the quick serve and fast casual industries. Most restaurants and retailers are at risk for this particular type of attack through the payment systems they employ.

Visa security alert named indicators of compromise (IOC) that may have been involved in the attack. IOC is a list of suspected IP address, domain names, filenames, and other codes that could show the path from the victim to the instigators of the security breach.

Investigations showed that more than 700 systems were infected by this attack.

Oracle urged its customers to change their passwords on their MICROS accounts. Ecommerce Platforms

Oracle MICROS POS system is among the top three POS systems used by more than 200,00 food and beverage outlets, 100,000 plus retails, and 30,000 plus hotels.

These type of data breaches that targets POS systems are not new. They have, in fact, attacked several retails stores in the past where the unsuspecting customers are affected the most. Malwares are installed at the point-of-sale devices, and from there, hackers are able to capture information from credit cards which had contact with those terminals.

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